Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Uncle Chad and Anna came to visit me.....was so fun to meet more of my family. My daddy and mommy take good care of me, and as you can see, I get lots of kisses from my sister (and brother, too).

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Another Kramer Miracle appears

Welcome to this world, Gavin James Kramer. You are so precious to all of us. =)

Gavin says: I weighed in at 8#14oz, 21 inches, and born on Christmas Eve, 12/24/2009. Instead of playing games and enjoying family time with us, my mom and dad decided to stay at home for a few hours and have me. How nice of them as I was finally ready to come meet the family. I gave them a hard time by teasing them that I was supposed to come 12 days earlier. Oh well, silly me, I wasn't really meaning to alarm them but it was so comfy inside I didn't want to leave my surroundings. Now I'm happy to meet my sister, brother, mom and dad, papa and nanny and all the other big people, so here I am!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

horsing around and gingerbread house

Axel and Addy enjoyed their new rocking horse from papa......

Nanny and Axel enjoyed putting together a gingerbread house and Addy enjoyed eating it!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slicked up for breakfast

The grandchildren let me comb their hair before breakfast. They don't usually look so slicked up so grandma had to take their picture, of course. Good little kids awaiting their brother or sister any day now. Due 12/13 .... today is 12/16 ... baby, have you checked the calendar?
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Game playing with Bernice

Down here is the most game playing area. We get in Mexican train, Up and Down the River, Phase 10 with Dice, Rack-o, Skip-Bo, Spinner Dominoes, Rummikub.....to name a few. Tonight was a game with Bernice .... Up and Down the River (or Bang, bang, bid some call it).