Sunday, March 22, 2009

CARLSON'S new home in San Diego

Mike and I drove out to San Diego on Tuesday, 3/17/09, to be here with the kids for their house closing/first day of possession. We anticipated lots of cleaning, etc. to be done. We are in it for the long haul! Their home will be sweet once the work is done. All floor covering has been removed, all walls, washed down with TSP, and now half-Kilzed. The finishing of Kilz, painting of ceilings and walls will be my next step on the agenda. They need to be out of their apartment next Monday, so this will be a jammed pack week. Any help out there? We could use you. We did have excellent help this week. Kara Grow and Linda Passage (the San Diego workers) came on Friday, bringing us lunch and offering their help in the afternoon. We didn't turn them away! On Saturday, 5 of the younger friends came and helped, using their muscles, willpower, and good humor to get us through the DR, entry, kitchen, hallway, and two bedroom with Kilz on all walls! Super great. Damon got us through the master bath tile being chipped up. Thanks Damon!

All in all, it's going fine. A & L have a lovely enclosed back yard. Perfect for PJ and private for all of us. They live across from an elementary school. There's a nice playground area for basketball, softball, etc. to be used by anyone. The neighborhood is very pleasant. We've met some of the neighbors who are extremely friendly. I believe this location was meant for them.

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