Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oct 2010

This little boy gets cuter and cuter..... Look at those big eyes!!!!

Enjoyed a Sunday with Chad and Anna. They just got Riley, their 9 week old Newfie puppy. We were dog sitting Chloe, K&J's Havanese, so the two had a romping good time together.

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  1. Riley is growing so fast... I just read a black lab puppy at 10 weeks is about 11 lbs... Riley the Newfoundland is 9 weeks... And 22 lbs!!! :) shes gonna be 130-150 lbs of slobbery kisses and loving in a year and a half! What were we thinking...haha. CUTE pics of Gavin!!

  2. Wow, what hormones are you feeding her??? ha ... love you all!